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At its core Freelance-inc prides itself on professional customer service, expertise and creative solutions for any aspect of your event..

By drawing on the collective talents and abilities of the trio of international business professionals, we attentively meet the challenges and demands of each task, offering you an optimal palate of options for success.

Creating the complete picture -

The little pieces...

Your request doesn't have to be large-scale or complicated. We enjoy filling those little jigsaw pieces - clarifying your puzzle into a picture plan.

This allows us to flex our research muscles, make connections with new suppliers and seek out different products and services. Your pieces in the puzzle may be finding a great band, a perfect cake, a specific ingredient, a special gift or service...

You tell us what you need and where we can fit in.

Your big picture...

Freelance-inc has the tools-in-the-bag. We are an effective modern solution to task delegation.

We offer a range of direct input, piecing together each element to firm up a cost effective and creative solution. We thrive on being creative and pulling innovative 'rabbits out of hats'!

Our big picture...

We organise our own events to showcase our talents and abilities. If you haven't received your invitation yet, join our list to find out what we are doing right now.

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